What You Need To Understand About Why Truck Drivers Quit

While some may be aware of the trucker shortage in the trucking industry, others have no knowledge of it or the impact that it has. Increasingly, truck drivers are getting tired of adverse working conditions and seeking a way out. If you want to know more about the trucking shortage and what it means, here are some things to look into.

Low Wages

One cause of the truck driving shortage is that many truckers receive low wages for all of the work that they do. Trucking can come with many risks and drawbacks, and there are lots of truckers who are not getting paid fairly for the work that they do. Not only that, but many of them may feel that the risks are not worth the wages they get in return.

High Levels of Risk

Another reason there is a shortage in truck drivers is that driving trucks on the highway comes with a high level of risk. Not only is driving in general dangerous, but frequent highway driving is even more so. Beyond that, because there tends to be a high turnover rate in the trucking industry, there are many new and inexperienced truckers on the road. The less experience truck operators have, the more prone they are to accidents, especially with big rigs, which can be challenging to control.

All of these risks are present even when driving conditions are great. When there are things like high winds or rain or storms present, the risks can grow exponentially and create more potential for harm to come not only to truck drivers but also to others on the road.

Truck jam. A huge queue of trucks near the port terminal.

Too Much Isolation

It isn’t just the wages or the driving conditions that can cause problems for truckers. Another thing contributing to the trucker shortage is that truckers often face a lot of isolation. Because driving a truck can involve spending long periods of time out on the road away from home, many truckers have to sacrifice time with their friends and family. This can put a strain on their interpersonal relationships and also lead to loneliness and mental health issues. This can be a lot to take, and for some truckers can lead to the job not feeling worth it.

Poor Treatment and Too Many Restrictions

The trucker shortage also has a lot to do with the ways that trucking companies treat their employees. While some companies may be great, there are many that dole out poor treatment and have strict restrictions. For example, there are companies that tightly monitor the amount of time that drivers spend actively driving. Additionally, they may penalize drivers who are not on the road as much as the company thinks that they should be.

While it is normal to have rules and stipulations, some companies take it too far and do not consider any issues that truckers may be facing. For example, things like illness and sleep deprivation can make it hard for a driver to stay on the road for predetermined amounts of time. Not only that, but slow traffic and construction can cause drive times to be extended. Companies that are strict about schedules and don’t understand that driving can be unpredictable at times, especially if a trucker is facing inclement weather, can cause their employees to feel a lot of unnecessary stress and strain, which can lead to a higher turnover rate.

A Lack of Job Security

Beyond the other issues that can come along with trucking, another factor behind the trucker shortage is many truckers do not feel that they have job security. While truckers are currently very important for getting goods from place to place, many fear that they may be replaced by self-driving trucks in the future, which leads them to feel less secure about their career choice and its long-term stability.

Final Words About Trucking Industry Issues

Though truckers are vital for maintaining good supply-chain flow, the trucking industry is facing many different issues. From low wages to poor understanding of the challenges that truckers face, many trucking companies are struggling to maintain employees. The hope of many truckers is that employers will begin to see their value and change some of their policies and rules accordingly. Check out Rev Insurance to learn more about the trucking shortage and what you can do.