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Almost everything Americans consume daily is delivered via truck. Food, medicine, clothing and household items are just a few of the things that truckers ensure people have access to. The U.S. needs truckers to survive. If you’re interested in the lifestyle and want a profession where you make a difference in the world around you, you can probably answer the question, “Is truck driving a good career?” for yourself. However, you might need more information about it to understand whether it’s the right career for you.

Is Truck Driving a Good Career?

A truck driving career is as much a lifestyle as a career. Truckers may stay away from home for weeks while traveling the country. Long-haul driving carries various benefits for those who want a job where they are not stuck in one place and love to drive. As of 2021, there were over 2,000,000 trucking jobs in the U.S. Determining whether trucking is a good career depends heavily on the person you ask.

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What Are the Benefits of a Truck Driving Career?

Once you understand the benefits of becoming a trucker, it may become more apparent whether you could have a career in truck driving.

High Salary

As a trucker, you don’t need a degree to earn a high salary. You only need to obtain your commercial driver’s license to operate heavy trucks. To become a trucker, you may have to attend a truck driving school, but some companies offer training to their employees. The training costs significantly less than a college degree and sets you up for a high starting salary.

The median salary for a trucker is about $48,310. Keep in mind that there is plenty of room for advancement within the career, and your salary may depend on experience and the type of cargo that you haul.

Traveling Benefits

When asking yourself, “Is truck driving a good career?” think about the amount of traveling you can do when you drive a big rig. Trucking may be the answer for you if you find a regular nine-to-five job feels stifling. Truckers have an opportunity to take routes throughout the country. You have ample opportunity to witness breathtaking scenery, mountains, deserts and oceans.

If you have places you’ve dreamed of visiting, you can arrange your drop-off areas to align with the places you’d like to vacation. Once you finish your job, you’re free to explore. You have the power to schedule your routes to be longer or shorter, depending on your lifestyle and your traveling interests at the time.

High Demand Career

Every year, there are almost 260,000 openings for truckers in the U.S. Many older truckers are set to retire or exit the occupation. As truckers leave, there is always a need for more to take their places. Compared to other jobs, this career has an average growth rate. From 2021 to 2031, trucking is expected to grow about 4%.

When entering a new job, it’s important for prospective workers to know the career is stable and solid. As a trucker, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about layoffs or job shortages as you do in many industries. You are in a career where you know you’ll have a job for decades if you want it.

Independence in Your Career

If you’re still on the fence asking is truck driving a good career, know that as a trucker, you have the independence to choose the industry you want to work for. Truckers work delivering anything from fuel to groceries, timber and more.

You can join a trucking firm or launch a business on your own. Both career routes have different benefits. Company drivers are employed by the company and receive a company truck. You do not choose your own jobs, but if your truck requires maintenance, the company takes care of it.

On the other hand, as an owner-operator, you have the freedom to choose your jobs. You work when you want to and can take more or less time off than a company driver. The major disadvantage of being an owner-operator is that you are responsible for your rig. You also must keep track of your taxes because no employer takes them out for you. As an owner-operator, you also need to ensure adequate owner-operator insurance.

Determining which track you want to take depends on your financial situation and whether you’re a new or seasoned trucker. Many big-rig drivers start out as company drivers but move on to owner-operators once they have more experience and income.

Answering Your Question: Is Truck Driving a Good Career?

Truck drivers have a lot of freedom within their work. There is room to progress through the ranks and earn a comfortable living right out of the starting gate. Is truck driving a good career? If you want a job you can guarantee there will be a demand for in the present and future, then truck driving is a great career. When you are a trucker, don’t forget about insurance. Visit us and get your truck insurance quote today!