Frequently Asked Questions

I am just starting my trucking business; what coverages do I need?

The following coverages are the most common for trucking and transportation:

  • Commercial Auto Liability: $1,000,000
  • Physical Damage: $1000 Deductible
  • Motor Truck Cargo : $100,000
  • Non-Owned Trailer Coverage: $1000 Deductible
I am planning on operating nationwide ( 48 states). What permits will I need?

FMCSA MC Authority with a DOT number, Truck Registration requires IRP, Single State Registration ( SSRS) and IFTA. Depending upon which states you operate in, there may be individual state permits needed also.

What various methods of payment are accepted ?

We accept payment by personal check, Visa/MasterCard, and American Express, Western Union. Further, we can take your check by fax and you can make payments online via the internet.

Does Rev Insurance charge a fee for any changes or certificates?

Rev insurance does not charge a fee for processing certificates, however, a small fee may be applied to endorsements.

How can I request a policy change?

All policy changes can be requested via email to our service department.

What is the turn around time to obtain certificates?

All Rev clients are able to create and issue basic certificates off of our app on their phone. 

How soon can I expect my filings to be completed after purchasing a policy?

Generally, permit filings are done by the Insurance Company the next business day. The Federal (FMCSA) filings are done online and updated immediately while some states can take as long as 3 weeks to process.

I still have questions, can you help?

Yes, Please contact Rev Insurance and we will do our best to help!

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