Finding the Right Trucking Payroll Software for Your Company

Finding the right trucking payroll software can be remarkably difficult, especially in a market with so many companies and choices to select from. With the right software, trucking companies can easily track related expenses, run trip reports, and track loads. The process of paying drivers, taxes, and customers can also be greatly simplified with the right program. Fortunately, there are options available, many of which can help you with your payroll needs.

What Features Should You Look for in a Payroll Software Program?

Owners of trucking companies expect their software to have certain features. For example, most trucking companies now expect their payroll software to help them generate trip reports that include even the smallest details. These details should also be trackable and reportable as well. The right program should be cost effective, user-friendly, and helpful. It should also offer these abilities:

  • Track expenses – Keep track of expenses related to parking, fuel, tolls, and other related expenses for each trip.
  • Track loads – Provide detailed information for loads, including truck info, driver details, date and time, and miscellaneous expenses associated with each load.
  • Track income – Track any income earned after a load has been delivered and processed by a customer.
  • Generate trip report – Create reports that include information on vehicle mileage, maintenance bills, driver pay, and IFTA reporting.
  • IFTA reporting and tracking – Provide all necessary data so a company can file quarterly IFTA reports.

Of course, keeping track of trucker pay is no simple task, and some software programs are more suited to such a task than others. If you are in the market for a payroll program capable of tracking the payout for trucking, the following options may be beneficial to your company:

Truck Bytes

Out of all the primary payroll software programs, Truck Bytes might just be the most economical. The program is great for both veteran fleet owners and those who just starting managing their own fleet. The company does offer a free plan as well as a paid plan that will only run users $15 a month per each truck. Truck Bytes can help fleet owners manage truck loads, verify payments, run income and expense reports, monitor IFTA compliance, and keep up with accounts receivable.

The Truck Bytes free plan features a range of features. Users can manage customer and vendor accounts, track loads, generate invoices and expense reports, and track accounts receivable. It also comes with free unlimited tech support, so there is no need to worry if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy individual.

However, although it may be economical, Truck Bytes does not come with important features many trucking companies may be looking for:

  • Integrated Bing map for trip planning
  • Driver database
  • Trucker payroll processing
  • Digital filing cabinet for documents
  • Track monthly per diems

Before enrolling in a plan, trucking company owners should be sure Truck Bytes is capable of meeting their needs.

Truckn Pro

A product of Fog Line Software, Truckn Pro is a program that is perfect for those in charge of a small to medium-size truck fleet. Its affordability is one of its selling points, and the software allows users to access a variety of payroll features. The program also comes equipped with the ability to generate vehicle maintenance logs and a trip planner. Truckn Pro comes in three editions, with the cheapest options starting at just $79 per user.

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