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5 Need-To-Know Requirements for Becoming a Walmart Truck Driver

If you’ve considered working as a Walmart truck driver, now is an excellent time to apply. The chain recently announced a wage hike to entice more top-talent OTR drivers to its stables. The company offers great perks, like:

  • Employee discounts in-store and online
  • Up to 21 days of paid vacation
  • 401(k) matching after completing one year
  • Signing bonuses in select locations

If you’re ready to transition to a steady schedule and enviable pay, this list shows Walmart’s requirements for its new drivers.

1. Adequate Experience

Walmart desires the cream of the crop for its team. Applicants need at least 30 months of experience as a full-time Class A tractor/trailer driver during the preceding four years. Prospective hires must have a current Class A CDL with a HAZMAT endorsement. Individuals without a HAZMAT endorsement must apply and obtain the certification within 120 calendar days if hired.

2. Clean Records

Applicants with the following violations do not qualify for a position as a Walmart truck driver:

  • A preventable accident while operating a commercial vehicle that caused a catastrophic injury or fatality
  • A preventable DOT recordable accident in the previous 10 years
  • A driving under the influence or other reckless driving offense involving drugs or alcohol in the last 10 years
  • A preventable accident while operating a commercial vehicle in the previous three years
  • A serious traffic offense in a commercial vehicle in the preceding three years
  • More than two moving violations in a personal or commercial vehicle in the previous three years

3. Impressive Application

You should apply for a driving position online, filtering for jobs under the “Drivers & Transportation” tag. At last review, dozens of opportunities were available nationwide for Walmart and Sam’s Club drivers. A referral from a current Walmart truck driver can give you an edge during the application process.

Check the position summary to understand the full scope of work. Carefully review the “Minimum Qualifications” section for additional requirements, such as residency and certifications. Some driving positions waive the 30 months of driving experience for current associates who complete the 12-week Walmart Fleet Development Academy Program.

Expect to spend one hour filling out the application. Note that you won’t be able to make changes after submission, so take your time. Touch base with contacts who have worked for the company for tips on handling the phone interview.

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4. Training Time

The company takes a week to evaluate your skills and then has you shadow a driver to train you on the job specifics. You become a permanent team member after completing 90 days of probation.

5. Reliability as a Walmart Truck Driver

Online reviews report that the chain maintains high standards for its drivers. Management limits cell phone use, and the company records mistakes that do eventually drop off your report. New hires may have to be on the extra board and slip seat, but various former employees report that the benefits outweigh the restrictions.

Walmart provides an excellent opportunity for stability, a reasonable schedule, and competitive pay. You can even have free time to make extra cash on the side. Whether you decide to work full-time independently or handle small freelance jobs, Rev Insurance ensures you have the coverage needed to eliminate worry. Reach out today to find competitive rates and perfect protection.