Since the onset of COVID 19, many industries have needed to adjust the way they do business. The trucking industry has experienced its own share of setbacks. However, despite some hardships, truckers have demonstrated the essential role they play in helping America move forward.

Varying Demand for Truckers

CDL drivers have noticed that their work schedule depends on the type of goods they usually carry. A spokesman for the American Trucking Association noted that truckers who haul medical supplies and food have been on the road almost constantly since COVID 19 began spreading across America. However, truckers who move goods for manufacturers saw a drop in demand for their services. In March 2020, there were 6.3% more truckers searching for loads unrelated to the pandemic. Additionally, available loads increased by 39.1%. However, these numbers began to drop toward the end of the month. This portion of the trucking industry experienced a 38.7% drop in the number of loads available to drivers.

Keeping Things Moving

Despite the hardships, the trucking industry has risen to the challenge of helping people access the goods they need. These goods include:

  • Food to restock grocery store shelves.
  • Hand sanitizer, soap, gloves and masks.
  • Medical equipment to diagnose and treat COVID 19.
  • Equipment for isolation and quarantine centers.

CDL drivers can keep these goods moving because of an emergency declaration made in mid-March. This declaration grants commercial drivers exemption from certain parts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as long as they haul essential supplies.

Playing an Important Role

Many people do not consider how important the trucking industry is in their daily lives. After watching goods move off the shelves, Americans are developing a new appreciation for truckers. Despite this important role, some trucking companies found themselves unprepared for the severity of the situation. Many did not have a plan to navigate unexpected natural disasters. Because the trucking industry plays such a vital role in keeping America moving, fleet owners need to make sure they have insurance that will help the company survive another unexpected situation.