Most people recognize that truck drivers are a critical part of the country’s infrastructure. Truckers haul all sorts of consumer goods, including food, household supplies and medications. Given their important role, you may be looking for trucking charities that you can contribute to in order to give back to the drivers who work so hard hauling the things that you need. There are many different charities to help truck drivers, so consider which one you want to work with.

1. Meals for 18 Wheels

Truck drivers spend so much time on the road that the majority of their meals often come from fast food, diners and truck stops. This isn’t the best nutritional source for overall health. In fact, many drivers find themselves longing for home-cooked meals. Meals for 18 Wheels provides just that. They supply hot, home-cooked meals for truck drivers upon their request, and the meals are made and delivered by volunteers in the area where the truck driver is located.

2. Trucker Charity

If you’re looking for emergency-focused trucking charities, Trucker Charity may be more of what you had in mind. This organization provides food and lodging for truck drivers who are stranded as a result of a disaster or severe weather conditions. They also operate a food pantry in Illinois that provides three days of food to truck drivers in urgent need.

3. Truckers Against Trafficking

The human trafficking crisis needs everyone’s active involvement. Truck stops are a frequent destination during the transport of human trafficking victims. Truck drivers are in a unique position to more easily spot and recognize human trafficking, so this organization provides training and education to help all drivers recognize the signs and know when to reach out to law enforcement. They also offer mobile educational services and training directly for law enforcement as well.

4. St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

Known among trucking charities as just the St. Christopher Fund, this charity is important for the health and wellness of truck drivers. Driving a truck is a sedentary job with meal choices that aren’t always the healthiest. St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund recognizes the health hazards that come with the job and offers support and access to vaccines, medical cost assistance, financial support following injury or illness and even support to quit smoking.

Trucking Charities

5. Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders

Also known as TEAR, this organization provides financial and logistical support for truck drivers who find themselves stranded due to carrier abandonment, injury or another emergency. If a driver’s employment is suddenly terminated, they find themselves a victim of wage theft by their company or are otherwise stranded and facing financial difficulties, this organization will help them find and pay for shelter and other support while they await family or friends to help them get home.

6. Truckers Christmas Group

As trucking charities go, the Truckers Christmas Group is more about supporting a trucker’s family if they are struggling financially as the holidays approach. In fact, this organization doesn’t even take family nominations until just before the holidays, so families nominated for support are the ones that truly need it at the time. Truck drivers who are injured and unable to work, short of pay and unable to afford Christmas gifts for their children, or otherwise in dire financial straits approaching the holidays may get support from this organization if they are nominated.

7. Truckers Final Mile

An unfortunate reality is that nearly every truck driver will face an emergency situation at some point in their career. Whether it’s a child or other loved one who has been injured, fallen ill or passed away, or if the driver themselves has been seriously injured, killed, or struck by a serious illness, this can lead to serious financial challenges. In addition, if a truck driver needs financial or logistical support to get home to a loved one in an emergency, or if family members need assistance to get to a truck driver who has been hospitalized, Truckers Final Mile can help.

Trucking Charities Aren’t the Only Means of Support

These charities are great resources for support for truck drivers. They are not the only options, though. If you’re looking for ways to help a loved one who drives a truck, have them check out the insurance options at Rev Insurance. We provide industry-specific coverage for truckers and may have a policy that can help.