Being able to find good places to stop and take a break is an essential part of trucking. Not all truck stops are created equal, and some come with better amenities and ease of use than others. Lists of the best truck stops in America as voted on by truckers provide insight on what makes a truck stop work well. For a new trucking business, consider these factors when choosing where to stop.

Top Ranked Stops

Best of lists have a lot to say about truck stops. Here are some of the top picks for both chains and independent operations:

These are just a few of the best truck stops in America, but what makes these and other truck stops great? There are a few things someone working for a trucking business might look for when deciding where to take a well-deserved break.

What to Look for

Some truck stops offer little more than fuel and a place to park, but the best truck stops set themselves apart by providing a long list of services, from restaurant options, to lounges to relax in, to showers, these stops have the amenities to help someone feel truly refreshed after a long day of trucking. Some even offer surprising services such as medical aid and chiropractic services. New truckers should find that with practice they get better at finding good stops. The best policy when first starting in the trucking business can be to look carefully at your options and plan ahead where to stop.

The best truck stops need to have a combination of great amenities and a great location. No trucker wants to go out of their way for a stop. Luckily, there are many options for great truck stops on commonly-traveled routes across America.

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