Opportunities Abound for Truck Drivers

Becoming a truck driver lets you earn an excellent salary and see the country while you’re earning it. If you have a sense of adventure, attention to safety details, and a passion for the road, you may find much to be thankful for behind the wheel of a big rig. Here are just a few reasons drivers are grateful for a career in long haul trucking.

Greater Appreciation

Recent food and product shortages have highlighted how critical the trucking industry is to the economy as a whole. With the stronger public understanding of the supply chain, truck drivers enjoy a renewed level of respect and gratitude from the general public. Many carriers show a greater appreciation for drivers through improved benefits, more family-friendly schedules, and better pay.

Warm Welcome

Trucking is wide open to anyone willing to put in the time to learn how to be a safe and productive driver. Men and women of every race and nationality join the ranks of long haul trucking every day. The work doesn’t require advanced degrees or years of work and student loans. Also, adults of any age can join a training program. It’s a great field for either someone right out of high school or an older person looking to make a career change.

trucking reasons to be thankful

Varied Experiences

Every day is different for a truck driver. While traveling over the highways all over the country, drivers meet new people, find unique places to eat and drink, and discover off-the-beaten-path attractions that others may miss. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is visible through the windshield of a semi-truck. If the monotony of working in an office or on an assembly line isn’t for you, becoming a truck driver might be a great fit. No two trips are alike, and rarely is a day uneventful.

Unrivaled Flexibility

As a trucking professional, you have all the flexibility you need to develop the career you want. With most carriers, you choose how often you work. You also decide how far you want to travel. These options let you get home every night if you need to care for children or other family members. However, if you’re single and want to travel far and wide, you may want to choose long haul trucking. Many companies even allow a companion to travel with you, whether that’s a pet, a spouse, or significant other.

The flexibility extends to training programs for students earning their credentials to get on the road. Truck driving schools offer weekend and night schedules for people who need to work during the weekdays. Most Class A CDL training programs take a few weeks to complete and cost less than a third of a single semester of community college. Many trucking companies offer free training in exchange for a commitment to work for the company for a time after graduation.

When you’re ready to get on the road, contact Rev Insurance for your coverage needs. We can help no matter the stage of your career.