The trucking industry can be demanding. Long hours on the road can take their toll, on top of the stress of meeting deadlines. The burden of transporting cargo can be great. That’s why truck driver complaints should be taken seriously. Trucker wellbeing can make or break a trucking business.

Learn more about the seven biggest complaints of truck drivers.

1. Equipment Failure

Sometimes, trucking companies cut costs by operating older vehicles. In extreme cases, delayed maintenance can jeopardize the safety of the truck driver and other traffic. In other circumstances, it can mean delayed shipping times due to mechanical failure. These delays frustrate truck drivers who are trying to make a deadline.

2. Inadequate Pay

Drivers haul precious shipments through treacherous conditions. These can include anything from hazardous weather to severe traffic. The hours can be long and difficult, and require extreme focus from a driver. Sometimes, the compensation doesn’t make up for the risks drivers feel they take. This frustration may cause drivers to leave the trucking industry for something else.

3. Time Constrictions

The timing restraints on truck drivers can make them road-weary. For example, what if a trucker hits a delay due to a traffic accident? It puts the shipment behind schedule. This can cause truck drivers to push speed limits and drive past the point of fatigue. In some circumstances, they may not get the required rest.

Driver fatigue can lead to risky driving behavior. However, if a shipment is late, the driver may get criticized. This is why time constrictions are one of the most common truck driver complaints.

7 Truck Driver Complaints

4. Electronic Logging Devices

A top complaint is the use of electronic logging devices. These devices track how long a driver spends in the cab of the truck. This can include recording travel time length, as well as how long a driver spends on breaks.

ELDs can make drivers feel like they’re constantly under a microscope. Some feel like they can’t make up for lost time due to traffic delays. Others worry that a glitch in the device will report false hours and lead to lower earnings. Regardless of the reasons, many drivers worry ELDs will impact their workplace livelihood.

5. Limited Options for Truck Parking

When it comes time to finally rest, drivers do not necessarily experience peace of mind. One of the common truck driver complaints is finding a safe place to park for a nap. Rest stops are crowded and truck stops can be full. Rural areas may not have much to offer. Sleeping on the side of the road could result in a hefty ticket.

Areas with high crime pose a risk for drivers as well. While sleeping, they are easily vulnerable to attempted theft. Truck drivers should be able to find a safe place to park for the night so they can be well rested for the drive the next day.

6. Mental and Physical Fatigue

The hours are long and road conditions are ever-changing. Mental and physical burnout can be very common. Sitting for long hours in a day can cause the body and mind to fatigue quickly. Many truck drivers cannot take frequent breaks because they need to make a deadline. Oftentimes as well the mandated breaks are not enough time for a driver to recover from the road.

7. Safety on the Road

Truck drivers may have to drive through wind, hail, blizzards, or rains. Ice on the roads could cause them to skid. If they are driving down steep mountain passes, brake burnout could cause them to lose control of the truck. This is just a sampling of environmental hazards truckers face.

There are also more general dangers of driving. Automobile accidents happen. A large truck could cause serious harm to others. On the other hand, aggressive drivers could derail a truck and put a trucker’s life in danger.

How To Address These Complaints

There are ways to solve these truck driver complaints. Namely, truckers should feel like they are seen and heard. One way to do this is to provide adequate insurance protection. Perhaps a trucker finds themselves involved in an accident or facing an overdue delivery because of traffic. Adequate coverage could protect them from any potential fallout.

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