This year has already provided some serious challenges for the trucking industry. First the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic marked a freight-haul decline of 19% for March and April. As drivers and companies work to recover from devastating economic blows, a series of new regulations are also shaking up the industry.

New Laws with Big Impacts

  1. Assembly Bill 5: California’s new law to curb who is designated as an independent contractor is causing big problems for drivers. The gig work bill, which is designed to protect certain workers from exploitation by gig companies, is having the opposite effect on independent truck drivers. Trucking industry companies and professionals are seeking exemptions to the new law, but the verdict is still out on how all of this will be settled in the future.
  2. Federal drug database: Truckers must now register using the FMSCA’s CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse online database before changing jobs. This will be conducted as part of the employee background check. Employers can check information in real-time and see if employees failed drug and alcohol tests and whether they are approved to return to work.
  3. Electronic Logging Device implementation: Drivers are now required to use an ELD to log their hours of service on the road. Failure to complete documentation or to comply with the new regulations can result in serious fines.
  4. New entry-level driver training: EDLT programs will implement training standards set on the federal level, to include private, state and public cdl training facilities. Drivers need to demonstrate both knowledge-based and behind-the-wheel proficiency. Institutions listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s Trainer Provider Registry will be the only programs allowed to offer EDLT programs.

The trucking industry, in addition to keep drivers safe from COVID 19 exposure, must now contend with rigorous new laws regulating industry standards and practices.

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