Truck drivers spend most of their time on the road. They are often alone for days or weeks at a time. What can you do to help them along in their travels? There are some fun and practical gifts that can not only add to the comforts of the road but help truckers stay safe. Discover three general car accessories worth considering for the trucker in your life.

1. Kitchen Help

One thing drivers miss when away is access to a kitchen. A truck’s cab can’t haul around a full kitchen. Look for smaller truck gadgets centered around food and drink. There are portable and durable coffee makers that make getting a caffeine kick on the road easier. An electric skillet allows a driver to have a hot meal without sitting in a truck stop.

2. Safety First

Trucking technology has come a long way over the years. Paper logs detailing trip details have now been replaced by electronic monitoring. Diagnostic computers can alert a driver to failing brakes or tire damage before they become dangerous. However, a driver should still carry some basic emergency roadside gear in case of an issue. A kit with flares, cones, safety vest, and atlas can work wonders when a driver is sidelined with no cell signal.

3. Health and Wellness

Driving is a sedentary profession. The long-term ramifications on the body include the development of heart disease and high blood pressure. Thus, it is perhaps even more critical for truckers to eat better and find time to get in some physical activity each day. A large stash of fruits and whole grain snacks may help stave off the unhealthy munchies. If your driver’s cab doesn’t have a fridge or cooler, consider finding one to allow for fresh foods and water bottles.

Let Us Help

A truck driver’s daily life can be made even more comfortable and productive with a few car accessories. Staying safe, healthy and happy on the road is beneficial to everyone. We at Rev Insurance want to do what we can to keep your loved ones safe. Contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer.